Ikea: The vaccinated enter the store without queuing

Ikea started checking covid certificates. People who show proof of vaccination or a certificate of recovery enter the stores without any problems, while those who cannot document the vaccination wait their turn.

In accordance with the currently applicable restrictions, construction, furniture and shopping malls are open in a strict sanitary regime. There is also a limit of people, amounting to a maximum of 1 person. per 15 sq m. But this limit does not include those vaccinated against COVID-19, provided that they show the EU digital COVID certificate or certificate of vaccination, test result and recovery.

The government regulation stipulates that in the event of failure to present the indicated documents, the entrepreneur has the right to refuse to provide services.

“According to the regulation of the Council of Ministers of December 14, last year, until January 31, 2022, a new, reduced limit of customers is in force in IKEA stores – 1 person per 15 sq m, who can stay in the store at the same time, and in IKEA restaurants 30 per cent of places for consumption on the spot, while maintaining the existing sanitary rules (Distance, Disinfection, Mask) “- reports Ikea on its website.

Compliance by the chain of stores with government restrictions is not new. The declaration on the sanitary rules in force since December 15, last year, appeared on the Ikea website on December 14, last year.

Anita Ryng, the communication director of Ikea Retail in Poland, explained to the Internet voter.biz portal that when the customer limit is reached in a specific Ikea store, the network must limit the admission of new customers and, therefore, queues may form. – Until this limit is reached, we let all clients in, without verifying whether or not they have been vaccinated – she added.

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