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“An agreement without any common vision is not an agreement to govern a nation for 5 years”: Giorgia Meloni he comments on the agreement reached by the Democratic Party together with Verdi, the Italian Left, Luigi Di Maio’s Civic Commitment, Action and More Europe. A mega coalition necessary, according to the dem leader, to prevent the next government from being led by the center-right.

This is your house.  Di Maio and the agreement with the Democratic Party: caught like this, total embarrassment |  Look

In a tweet written immediately after the agreement with Fratoianni and Bonelli, in fact, Letta wrote: “A Pact for the Constitution. The agreement with Green Europe and SI is to defend the Constitution. We are different but we know that our divisions in the elections could, with this majority electoral law, give the right the power to overturn the Charter “. Words from which the leader of the Brothers of Italy distances herself:” ‘To save the Constitution’ they say … it seems to me alone to secure the armchairs“.

Hence an appeal by Meloni to the voters: “Don’t be fooled“. To accompany the tweet a photo in which Letta and her allies travel in a carriage and next to it the writing:”Il Carrozzone, chair direction“. A lot of support from his followers. Someone for example wrote:” I have not read that the Constitution says that the left must always govern, am I wrong? “.

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