«I’ll break your head against the wall», husband-monster sentenced to 2 years in prison

BELLUNO – “You have to leave this house, I can’t stand you anymore, you can’t get out of here alive, I can smash your head against the wall»: He, born in Albania 38 years ago and living in Belluno, had transformed his wife’s life into a nightmare. Eventually, after months of harassment, often perpetrated in the throes of alcohol fumes and in the presence of their younger daughters. The 33-year-old, also Albanian, had found the courage to rebel and had turned to an anti-violence center denouncing her husband.


Yesterday in court the man, subjected to the prohibition of approaching the places frequented by his wife, had to answer before the law for the crime of mistreatment in the family. The period examined runs from January 2020 to January 2021. When he drank, the 38-year-old lost control, insulting his wife also for her origins in northern Albania, but he did not spare her epithets such as “str … a” and “bastard”.
At first the wife had tried to dissuade her husband from drinking, reprimanding him and warning him of such behavior. But in response he threatened her, took her by the wrists and tugged at her. So it happened on 9 October 2020 around 9, when the woman afraid of the possible reactions of her drunk husband was forced to ask for help by calling 113. The arrival of the agents calmed the waters, but only for a few hours and in the afternoon hell he repeated to himself: this time the man threw a bottle of water at his wife, punched her in the forehead shouting “Go away, go out, I’ll tear you to pieces.” New call to 113 that at 7.40 pm that same day intervened in the couple’s apartment to calm the man.


That same evening the terrified woman was transferred to a sheltered facility. But the nightmare was not over. Her husband continued to storm her in the following days with phone calls and messages of the same threatening tenor: “Poor you if you don’t come back”, on October 22, “You won’t be alive anymore”, on 23, “I will hurt you even if I go to prison, prison is better than being here alone ”, 11 November. To make her threats more credible, he pretended to know the whereabouts of her wife by promising to pick her up. On October 26, he made a video call to her in which she threatened to commit suicide; but serious personal consequences could materialize, according to the content of the telephone calls received by the victim, if by chance another man appeared in their life.


The storm then seemed to subside during the Christmas holidays, but it was only an armed truce: in January 2021 the man took up post near the house where in the meantime his wife had moved with her daughters. Under those circumstances he rang the bell several times, confirming that he would break the windows to get in, but that if she went out he would hurt her. Also on these occasions the woman was forced to call the police several times to protect herself and her daughters. The expert appointed by the court was also heard in the courtroom yesterday who confirmed that alcohol abuse would not compromise the accused’s ability to understand and will.


At the end of the trial, judge Angela Feletto sentenced the violent husband to 2 years in prison and to pay 7 thousand euros as compensation to his wife.

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