“I’ll do my best to become Kim Kardashian”! Star clones are the protagonists of the new reality show – Szołbiznes – MAXXX News

There will be a new reality show on the Lifetime Channel. “Lokalike Love” is about women striving to actually become beloved stars. What can you go to to fulfill your fantasies?

The road to dreams

Who hasn’t dreamed of being born a famous person? Be a diva like Beyoncé, move like Jagger, sing like Freddy Mercury, or play like Christan Bale
It’s about popularity, skills, money …
Some people think that you have to literally become your favorite celebrity. This is the assumption made by the participants of the program Lookalike Love. Women talk about their lives and relationships. They have one thing in common – they are doubles of famous characters. They want to live as copies: Kim Kardashian West, Beyoncé, Marilyn Monroe and Barbie.

A Beautiful Purpose or an Unhealthy Obsession?

One of the protagonists of the program, introduces himself as Beyoncé Knowles.

Inna claims that she was possessed by Marilyn Monroe.

Another woman says:

I’m Kim Kardashian’s number 1 doppelganger.

Her husband is shocked to hear that his girl goes for plastic surgeryto look even more like a celebrity, each of them is different and pursues their goal in their own way. They pass changes, not only physicalby undergoing surgery, the transformation goes much further, in the end it must be perfect. Women practice proper pronunciation, gestures, and style of dress – they try to perfectly reproduce the stars, actually becoming them.

I am a living doll.

– proudly says, driving a pink convertible, Barbie.

I’ve had a lot of plastic surgeries and there are more new ones coming.

Success and popularity destroy relationships with loved ones?

Marilyn Monroe’s look-alike has a relationship problem with her husband.

It’s just weird that we’ve been married for two years and I haven’t met any of your friends yet.

I’m afraid that [mój mąż –] he’s hiding something.

Women are becoming more and more involved in “being a star”. They gain popularity in social media, they get money. However, fame does affect their family and friends.

I don’t want you to turn into that big superstar and leave him behind

– a relative says to “Kim Kardashian”, fearing her separation from her husband.

You looked like Jen, and now you look like Kim Kardashian. It’s an unhealthy obsession.

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