“I’m Still Young”: Millie Bobby Brown to Criticize Her Appearance

Millie Bobby Brown became the advertising figure of a famous brand of lenses, many believed that with her first spot she tried to respond to criticism of her appearance

California, USA – Millie Bobby Brown, at the age of 15, has become the point of criticism for the change she has seen in her appearance as she has grown.

Now, she became a collaborator with MBB x Vogue Eyewear, a brand of glasses with designs based on the 90s, but what caught the attention of some, were the first lines she mentioned in the advertising of this.


I’m Millie Bobby Brown, not everything has changed since the last time they saw me, I’m a girl, but I’m not feminine, I’m young. ”

These words left more than one fan thinking about the intentions of the actress in saying this because they took it as a response to comments about her age and what she seems


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