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Last useful hours to send your images of wishes for a happy Feast of the Assumption 2022Marian solemnity held today, Monday 15 August, and which represents one of the most heartfelt and most important celebrations in the liturgical calendar, at least as regards those dedicated to Virgin Mary. The photos and ideas for your messages are certainly not lacking on this page, thanks to the collation work carried out by “” throughout the day today and which is further enriched with two visual contributions that we will go to propose to you at the end of this paragraph.

We invite you, in particular, to reflect on the significance of this very important day for the Church, but also on the following thought, shared by a user on the social media Twitter: Mary is the woman who welcomed the place that God had prepared for her. He listened to the Word and put it into practice. This made her the Woman she is today: our Mother! Happy feast of the Assumption to all! “. (update by Alessandro Nidi)

Happy Feast of the Assumption to all ❤️

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In addition to Ferragosto, today the Feast of the Assumption 2022 and, in fact, many are still looking for the most suitable greeting images to share this moment of religious celebration with their relatives and friends. In this sense, we at “” have allowed ourselves to select some ideas for you from the social networks, accompanied by noteworthy captions, which we report below: “Then a great sign appeared in Heaven … A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. Virgin Mary, Taken up into Heaven, pray for us “.

Or: “You did not want her who in an ineffable way generated your Son, author of life, to know the corruption of the sepulcher”. And finally: “The Virgin Mary, completed the course of his life earthly, she was assumed to heavenly glory in body and soul “ (“Munificentissimus Deus”). Today’s day represents in effect the main feast of the Madonna, the Marian solemnity par excellence of the liturgical year. (update by Alessandro Nidi)


Numerous images of wishes for a happy Feast of the Assumption 2022, which is celebrated today, Monday 15 August 2022, the day of August 15th. This is undoubtedly the most important Marian solemnity in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church and we at “” continue to provide you with some useful suggestions in terms of photos and captions that you can send via message to friends and relatives. One of these reads: Hail Virgin Bride. Hail, giver of heavenly manna, Hail, minister of holy delights, Hail, you mystical promised land, Hail, source of milk and honey. Hail virgin and bride “.

Then there is another beautiful and heartfelt one, aimed at thanking the Virgin Mary: “My little Madonna, I love you with all my heart. Thank you so much for all you have done for humanity and for what you will do. May the whole world one day understand the significance of all this and love you as you deserve “. Below you will find some images of wishes for a happy Feast of the Assumption 2022. (update by Alessandro Nidi)


The 15th of August, a day known to all as Mid-August, is a feast of Catholic origin in which the Assumption of Mary as mother of the Savior is celebrated. To do the wishes for August 15th and a happy feast of the Assumption 2022 you can use images with a summer, fun and heat theme but also with a religious theme, referring to the origin of this holiday. So let’s see an image that you can send on Whatsapp to friends and relatives that has as its protagonist the birthday girl of this day, the Virgin Mary. Here is a splendid prayer that can be used to congratulate you on this day.


The images of greetings for the Feast of the Assumption 2022 are undoubtedly the object of attention from the whole Catholic world today, Monday 15 August 2022, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven. Perhaps not everyone knows, but he was a pope, in particular Dad Pius XII, through the Apostolic Constitution “Munificentissimus Deus” to proclaim “Dogma revealed by God that: the immaculate Mother of God always virgin Mary, at the end of the course of her earthly life, was assumed to heavenly glory in body and soul”.

But because the day of Ferragosto was chosen for the Feast of the Assumption 2022, for which you will find some significant images below? The answer to the question comes through the columns of the newspaper “Avvenire”, through the biblical scholar and mariologist Father Alberto Valentini: “It seems that the decision depends on the fact that in Jerusalem, on August 15th – starting from the 5th century – the day of Mary Mother of God was celebrated. Towards the beginning of the sixth century, also under the influence of the apocryphals who were trying to tell the last days of Mary’s life on Earth, the feast of August 15 changed its name and meaning, and it was designated with different names: Assumption, Transit and in particular Dormition, a title that will be imposed in the East starting from the eighth century “.


The greetings images of the Feast of the Assumption 2022 will find space in a few lines here on “”. Meanwhile, we tell you that this recurrence for the Virgin corresponds to what for the other Saints is the dies natalis and that for Jesus Christ it is Easter of Resurrection. We are facing the most important Marian solemnity of the liturgical calendar, the only one to be endowed with its own vigil Mass, with a different form and lectionary from that of the day.

In addition, the Church also wanted to endow the Feast of the Assumption in any case “Of a festive extension in the celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen, which occurs eight days later, in which we contemplate the one who, seated next to the King of the centuries, shines like Queen and intercedes as a Mother “, as was explained by Pope Paul VI. Here are the images of wishes for a happy Feast of the Assumption 2022.



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