Impact! Rihanna Caught Without Makeup: “How Bad Is It Without Photoshop?” (And the Photo Has Hours)


Rihanna has again left doubts about her health with some images in which she has been seen without any makeup and not exactly quite healthy. And is that the singer of Barbados is in a thousand things and may be taking its toll.

The image shows a Rihanna between careless and sick with a tired face that looks like the league and that has caused her fans to worry about her health.

And it is that Barbados does not stop between music, its lingerie company and the rest of the conglomerate of beauty companies that it has. A non-stop that must have exhausted Rihanna, in addition to the number of public events she attends per week.

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A different Valentine

Rihanna ended her relationship with billionaire Hassan Jamel really recently and for a few weeks, she has been related to rapper Drake again, with whom she already had a relationship a few years ago.

However, it seems that the singer from Barbados has no plans to spend Valentine’s Day with him at the moment, since when asked by her fans with whom she would spend that day of lovers she uncovered another name.

The artist explained that she was going to do that day like this: “I will be in the studio. I am really excited, I cannot say who I am working with, but it is someone I have been wanting to work with for a long time.”

Shortly after it was learned that the singer he will be with that day will be Pharrell Williams, so we can assume that he will be ‘Happy’ …



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