Impossible, when Brian De Palma ‘kicked’ the director of the original series

When approaching a film based on an already existing and quite famous work, whether it’s for the big or small screen, the fear of comparison is obviously inevitable: a discourse that also applies to Mission: Impossibleso much so that the leaders of Paramount tried to protect themselves in some way during the filming of the first film.

When it came to starting work on the film that was the first to bring Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt to the big screen, in fact, the production asked Reza Badiyidirector with the highest number of episodes filmed in the 1966 series of the same name, to be present on the set to give his contribution to the work of Brian De Palma.

Difficult, however, to impose such a thing on the director of masterpieces such as Scarface, Carlito’s Way or Carrie – The Gaze of Satan: very calmly, in fact, the good Brian approached his colleague and expressly told him that, since it was an adaptation that of the original series would have had only the title or a little more, its presence on the set would probably have had the only effect of make them both uncomfortable.

Clash of filmmakers, then? Nope! Badiyi greatly appreciated the sincerity of De Palma, and left the set without making a fuss thanking the director for speaking out! How many things can be resolved simply with dialogue, right? Returning to the present day, meanwhile, Tom Cruise may have revealed the fate of Ethan Hunt in the finale of the saga.

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