In 2022, will you finally buy a graphics card? There is hope for it!

According to the latest forecasts, the situation on the graphics card market may noticeably improve this year.

Recent years are not the best for fans of PC gaming. Problems with the availability of graphics chips in combination with the popularity of the so-called “cryptocurrency mining” made the purchase of a new, efficient graphics card verging on a miracle. At least for rational money.

However, the situation may change soon. As Digitimes Asia reports, citing its industry sources, the largest graphics card manufacturers have announced an increase in deliveries. The website specifically points to the Taiwanese companies ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and ASRock. They all increased their deliveries last year and are set to do so again this year.

Thanks to this, the number of cards on the market is to increase by at least 10 percent. It may not sound particularly spectacular, but that’s not all. As PC Gamer notes, we are approaching a significant change in the cryptocurrency market.

Dying Light 2. It may take over 500 hours to complete the game

Dying Light 2. It may take over 500 hours to complete the game

Ethereum will soon depart from the Proof of Work model (in which those who put more computing power have a greater chance of “digging” the currency – they receive new blocks in “proof of work”). It will be replaced by the Proof of Stake model (in which “digging” does not require a lot of computing power, and new blocks are created based on attributes not related to “work done”). This is expected to reduce interest in graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining.

On the one hand, there will be more cards on the market, on the other – the demand for them may soon turn out to be much lower. And perhaps we will eventually go back to the wonderful times when graphics cards were only for gaming.

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