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The crisis has now thrown millions and millions of Italian citizens into utter despair. Shopping has become impossible.

The past few months have seen only one dominant dynamic, the difficulty of Italians to make it to the end of the month. The reckless increase in food prices, even those of basic necessities. Fuel prices skyrocket, electricity and gas bills doubled in no time. In short, nothing was saved from the wave that swept away practically everything.

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Impossible these days to match all the needs of the average citizen. The difficulties in shopping, considering the prices sometimes even doubled, gasoline, indispensable for those who use the car to go to work or for other needs. The bills also doubled, against a salary that remains the same as in the previous months. In short, certain dynamics have literally sunk the citizen making him almost helpless in the face of the concrete facts of these days.

Even large retailers, remaining on food is forced to raise prices indiscriminately. The small shopkeeper, of course, has already done so in order to survive ask for higher prices than usual, often as much as 50 or 60 cents. The way out for taxpayers does not seem clear at the moment. State aid is expected, but how much will be enough and above all what consistency they will have, in fact.

The difficulties arising from the conflict in Ukraine, the difficulty of connecting, the prices of transport skyrocketed. All this somehow seems to have a specific reason even if there are many who doubt this version and tend towards a more brutal speculation. Prices could rise further in the coming days. Entrepreneurs are at the limit, small shopkeepers battered by taxes and bills do not find an escape route. The citizens remain the last wheel of the wagon.

Prices still up: the next increase will concern an absolutely necessary commodity

Among the goods that in the coming days will see a substantial price increase in their offer to the public we find one that probably no one would have ever expected could be hit that hard. We are talking about a commodity of absolute necessity, of primary importance. The dynamics that blow from the places of the war impose, whether or not, price increases due to difficulties in finding raw materials, to the increase in transport prices.

The price of bread should therefore rise in the coming days of 10 cents, an amount that seems to be negligible but which, added to the other increasing amounts on the same market, represents a real boulder. Many euros of difference, so to speak between our “old” spending and the current one. The Government, at the moment, should be ready to launch containment measures, to finally go to meet to citizens and entrepreneurs.

The time of choices and strong positions for the executive currently in office and for what will come in the aftermath of the recent political elections. New measures capable of containing the inconvenience of citizens and businesses. Families to be safeguarded as well as entrepreneurs. In short, everything is expected in recent weeks in this sense, the indications of the new executive must be clear and available as soon as possible for everyone. The natural dynamics of things in short, it should soon return to the everyday life of citizens.

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The last few months have been terriblecatastrophic for citizens, shopping has become unsustainable, price increases have affected every type of product and many of these appear to be purchased with less and less frequency. The crisis is ongoing and will remain so for many months to come. In fact, the experts’ estimates do not speak of improvements for the next few months. Today more than ever it is important to protect citizens and entrepreneurs, families and businesses. Only in this way will it be possible in some waysoon, hopefully, see the light.

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