In Bed Chiquis Rivera Takes off Her Bottom Garment and Poses Without Fear

Like an angel fallen from heaven! Leaving the beautiful singer’s grand rearguard uncovered, Chiquis Rivera unleashes passions and creates a stir upside down

Chiquis Rivera turns on reflectors and captures glances by sharing with everyone a fantastic photograph in which she looks without a trace of grief, a great rearguard with nothing to cover her, and it seems that the famous woman decided to delight the pupil by showing off daring.

With a lot of styles and abusing her voluminous curves, the daring singer of Regional Mexicano shared with everyone a moment that made her a sensation, since that fabulous image has given much to talk about.

Without a doubt, the extroverted style that Chiquiws Rivera reveals puts her in the eye of the hurricane and this time it was no exception since she only covered the upper part of her charming figure with a single garment.

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In bed and posing face down, the businesswoman also shows her rear of impact, which has all Internet users observing the image more than once.

Nobody wants to miss any detail of that revealing pose that he left exposed, which shows the enormous size of his charm, leaving his fans speechless and wanting to see more.

His fans were the ones who shared that wonderful moment, hence a wave of comments, compliments, and compliments was unleashed. Many are those who enjoy that majestic snapshot in which she is seen as a fallen angel from heaven.

Amid so much scandal over her mother’s inheritance, Chiquis keeps quiet by sharing a message for all her siblings, whom she cared for and was in charge for a long time, while La Diva de la Banda grew her fortune with her great singing talent.

Hence, Chiquis Rivera felt like the surrogate mother of all her brothers, who have always been by her side, admire and support her at all times, perhaps they thank her for so much care and attention received.

The words that Lorenzo Méndez’s ex shared reached everyone’s heart and the first to react were his brothers. They affirm with messages and reactions the truth that the interpreter of success comments, ‘Cheer up and you will see’, who has shown at all times to be a pampering and loving sister.     


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