In Bed, Yanet García Runs Through the Band-Aid and His Greatness Escapes Him

Very joyful, the model Yanet García, falls in love with her fans again with that greatness that escapes from her knees in bed

Yanet García has once again left his followers with their mouths open and wanting to see a little more after with a very marked irreverence he raised the spirits as he runs the band-aid on the bed and his greatness escapes him.

And it is that the famous Mexican model originally from Santiago, Nuevo León, now that she is officially single, has once again put the batteries in terms of the level of her content on social networks, making the moment one of the most enjoyed by her audience every time it comes to showing the curves.

It was through his official Instagram account that Yanet García shared with his fervent admirers a devastating postcard where he had the luxury of showing off all that his fans love, so while in bed he runs the band-aid and his greatness in seconds.

So the red lace outfit she was wearing left her with an enormous responsibility by exposing her exquisite anatomy too much since the two pieces of lace made up of plasters did not cover enough and nothing else was enough to get the ovation between the girls. white sheets with her daring pose on her knees and side.


This is how in just a few hours, the irreverent and intrepid postcard of the Weather Girl received more than 220 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, which are used to give ‘likes’ to the publications of the influencers.

García is a young 30-year-old model who, in a few clothes or with a more elaborate outfit, has won the applause, being one of the favorites of Internet users.

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