In Gothic 2 Will Tell The “History Of Khorinis”, But Not This Year

In Gothic 2 Will Tell The "History Of Khorinis", But Not This Year

The large-scale user add-on Dzieje Khorinis (“The Story of Khorinis”) to the cult game “ Gothic 2 ” had a difficult fate. Work on it began in 2017, but the group was waiting for a split. However, thanks to him we will get not one, but two modifications: the independent studio SoulFire is working on the project Kroniki Myrtany (“The Chronicles of Myrtana”).

As for the History of Khorinis, the process is moving, but rather slowly. In the new trailer additions, creators have called the approximate release date: 2020. In addition, we will learn the story in parts: first, we will be sent to the island of Vaduz, and only then we will get to Khorinis.

Introducing Vaduz and is dedicated to the new trailer mod. In it, you can see not only the territory in which the events unfold but also some non-player characters who will be faced in the process.

Recall, the modification of Gothic II: Dzieje Khorinis is created with the support of the authors of the original game, and the voice acting involved the actors working on Gothic 2.

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