in Italy the price is falling, experts explain why and what could happen soon »

Gas: in Italy the price is collapsing, experts explain why and what could happen soon

Italy is full of methane reserves and the price of gas has collapsedItaly is full of methane reserves and the price of gas has collapsedIn Italy it is collapsing the price of gas: this could be one good news and experts explain why and what it will happen shortly.

TheItalian families I am already struggling (and will be all the more so in the future) with the dear bills: electricity and gas have experienced a surge since 2021 and it is estimated that in all of 2022 a typical Italian family will pay more than double compared to last year.

The newspaper Republicin its online edition, reports that Italian methane costs one third of the European average and even Italy exports. Our country holds a great abundance of them, thanks to the
storage full and to a savings plan: in light of this, the operators stand selling in the squares where the prices are higher.

It still is though soon to understand if there will be benefits in the billalso because with such a fluctuating trend everything could change within a few weeks.

The data of SNAMthe operator of the national network, are clear: on September 28they have arrived 25 million cubic meters of gas at the Tarvisio entry point, of which 18 were exported and 7 kept in stock. Since the stock reserves are 90% full and two-thirds of the Russian methane was replaced with Algeria, Norway and Azerbaijan, the Italian market results in extra production and, in fact, it is possible lower prices.

Be careful to suggest that there will be a strong savings in the bill: Sara ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) to dictate the cost and such a sudden phenomenon of a few days will not be able to have
consequences on tariffs. If, however, the price list will remain similar for weeks,then yes that in winter we could have some benefit.

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