In Secret Invasion Olivia Colman will play Sonya Falsworth

After watching the trailer for Secret Invasion presented during the D23 Expo, the curiosity of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has focused not only on how the good Nick Fury will finally return to action, but also on what role one of the two new actresses of the franchise will play: Olivia Colman. According to what emerged from some details related to the series that will see Fury face the Skrull invasion, in Secret Invasion Oliva Colman will be Sonya Falsworthspecial agent whose family is somewhat familiar with the superheroes of the Marvel Universe.

What will be the character of Olivia Colman in Secret Invasion?

This role seems to be a precise reference to Captain America: The First Avengerwhere alongside Steve Rogers in the fight against the Nazis led by Red Skull there was also the British military James Montgomery Falsworth, which in comics belonged to the English family who held the title of Union Jack, a title assumed during the First World War by James Montgomery Falsworth to carry out high-risk missions, hiding behind a costume that reproduces the typical colors of the British flag. During the Second World War, after the Human Torch had Falsworth’s daughter from a kidnapping of the Blood Baron, the English hero decided to put on the shoes again. Union Jack and fight alongside Cap and his Howling Commandos.

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If Colman were to really play Sonya Falsworth, her character could be the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of a daughter of James Montgomery Falsworth, a role that would put her in the position of also being the heir to the title of Union Jack, or that, in alternatively, it could be the viaticum for the introduction of the English superhero in the franchise.

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In addition to Colman, in Secret Invasion will also make an appearance Emilia Clarke. The English actress at the moment is not associated with a specific character, but considered as in the trailer of the series we see her interacting with Fury, informing him of an unknown danger. If the hypothesis that Clark playing a Skrull were confirmed, we can hypothesize that Clark is the version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of G’iah / Gloria Warneran alien created by Robbie Thompson and Nico Henrichon for the miniseries Meet the Skrull, which featured a Skrull family who had integrated into the human world. Gloria, in particular, despite being part of Queen Skrull’s plan seen in Secret Invasion cartoonist, she was shocked by the scope of the plan, after witnessing the cruelty with which her fellow men were realizing the aims of Queen Skrull.

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