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Rob a pizzeria in Naples with the gun drawn, shoots at the ceiling and then gets the money delivered. All while in the restaurant there are several customers, including some children. The images of the shot were disseminated by the regional councilor of Green Europe of Campania, Francesco Borrelli. «It is – he explains – yet another robbery in the heart of the neighborhood Plain in Naples. It is 8.30 pm on Saturday 13 August when a man armed with a gun entered a well-known pizzeria in the area and fired a shot at the ceiling to intimidate the owners and have the proceeds delivered. Everything lasted less than a minute before the incredulous eyes of dozens of customers who at that moment were inside the pizzeria to enjoy a Saturday evening with the family. There are also several children inside the club ».

The criminal tried to escape aboard a scooter with an accomplice at the wheel who was waiting for him in front of the club. But was blocked by employees and by some patrons who, after a struggle, managed to disarm it. Policemen from the general Prevention office and the San Paolo and Pianura police stations intervened on the spot. A robber, 23 years old with a police record, was arrested for attempted murder, attempted aggravated robbery and carrying and detention of a clandestine weapon. The weapon, a 9 caliber Bruni replica pistol, was confiscated.

“Whole pieces of the city are now in full control of crime – says Borrelli – The criminals are the masters and commit their raids at any time of the day. Citizens no longer feel safe and they are now exasperated ». .

August 16, 2022 – Updated August 16, 2022, 9:24 pm


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