In the New Fashion Without a Bra, Chiquis Rivera Shows off Without Much Pain

Chiquis Rivera creates a stir by exposing the body of a goddess in a pose that reveals all her splendor by dazzling in a relaxed fashion without a bra

With a lot of styles and abusing her beauty, the beautiful band singer has caused a stir by sharing a photo in which the new fashion looks stunning without a bra.

Chiquis Rivera is the owner of a unique style when it comes to showing off majestic curves, and it is that each one that appears manages to become the sensation of the moment, she always brings out her seductive side.

With this fantastic postcard, he left everyone restless and with a good taste in the mouth as he boasts a spectacular figure in a set of stretch pants and a tailored jacket that perfectly marks that curvy figure that he so loves.

It is well known by all that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter is the owner of a voluptuous and exuberant figure that knows how to show off perfectly, since she has attributes that leave anyone impressed.

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This time the businesswoman, too, had no qualms and was relaxed and very uninhibited without a garment that covers her great front, setting off the imagination of Internet users who circulate through her profile.

Although a couple of days ago a bomb exploded within the Rivera dynasty due to the supposed millionaire inheritance of Jenni Rivera, where Chiquis has only allowed to see some messages through his social networks that unleashed speculation, so it is expected that he will soon be giving more to talk about.

It is said that La Diva de la Banda took her out of the will a few days before her death, Lorenzo Méndez’s ex has proven to be a hard-working woman and that she has followed her mother’s legacy.    

Even with all that, his brothers gave him part of his share of the money that the singer left them, so their interests are also at the center of the controversy.

It is worth mentioning that she is one of the most beloved band exponents in the world of entertainment and music, and although she tends to have controversial issues on some occasions, her heartfelt admirers always come to her defense and are in charge of exalting all her virtues.

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Just a few weeks ago, she declared her love to everyone and was involved in the scandal thanks to some photographs and videos in which she appears next to a young man who, according to what they say, is the photographer of Becky G.   


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