in the skies of Alassio and Laigueglia here is the National Aerobatic Team (PHOTO) –

Thousands of people ready to put on their sunglasses and go, with their noses up to enjoy one of the most futuristic and breathtaking spectacles in the world: that of the National Aerobatic Team, which has returned to the skies of the Savona area by launching high into the sky of Alassio and Laigueglia. our Tricolore.

A perfect sky of a soft indigo, with the shining sun to warm with its autumnal warmth the thousands of people crowded on the beaches, on the piers and on the promenades of the two locations of the Baia del Sole, welcomed us after a couple of years of waiting in our Riviera di Ponente the “Frecce Tricolore” show with their acrobatics to draw a huge Italian flag with their colored smoke.

Enthusiasm and applause accompanied an aerobatic flight show that lasted about a couple of hours which involved not only the specialists of the training of the ten MB339 aircraft composed by the Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Vit, by the Chief Training Officer Pierluigi Raspa, by the soloist Major Massimiliano Salvatore and then by the gregarious captain Alessandro Sommariva, captain Simone Fanfarillo, captain Oscar Del Dò, captain Alessio Ghersi, major Franco Paolo Morocco, major Alfio Mazzoccoli, captain Federico De Cecco and captain Leonardo Leo.

To warm the audience, in addition to the sun, some amateurs and experts of flying with their means have thought about it. From Pontile Bestoso the direction of the event with the speakers who illustrated the maneuvers helping the public to understand the exceptional nature of the stunts and the peculiarities of the different aircraft.

To open the show, the helicopter of the 15 ° Stormo dell’Aeronautica Militare with a simulation of search and rescue at sea. Following Gustavo Cappa Bava on his I-Bang, a wonderful Tiger Moth: a single-engine biplane training engine developed by the British company De Havilland Aircraft Company in the early 1930s for the Royal Air Force. True suspense for the Stearman of the Airshow performer Emiliano del Buono and his wife, Danielle Huges, an extraordinarily talented WingWalker. Also scheduled is the exhibition of the flight and acrobatic flight instructor, Luca Salvadori aboard the CAP-21DS “The Silver Chicken“; by Guido D’Amore with his helicopter and by Guido Racioppoli, aerobatic pilot with his Sukhoi 31.

Also in the sky part of the fleet of the Aeroclub of Savona and the Ligurian Riviera with the pilot and flight instructor Filippo Sguerso aboard the PS 28 Cruiser, two-seater with low wing, fixed landing gear with a 100 HP Rotax 912 engine and glass cockpit and of Commander Ivan Bona aboard the Piper PA28 Cherokee Arrow II four-seater with low wing, retractable landing gear and variable pitch propeller with a 200 HP engine, which allows it to fly at about 275 km / h while cruising.

On the pier to applaud the Air Show the elite of the Air Force, including the Commander of the First Air Region, General Francesco Dressed, the Commander of the Combat Forces Command General Luigi Del Bene and of course the Lieutenant Colonel Carlo De Giovanni, commander of the Capo Mele detachment.

Also present were the highest authorities of the territory, provincial and regional: from the regional councilor Brunello Brunetto, to the president of the Province of Savona Pierangelo Olivieri; from the extraordinary commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace, Vincenzo Nicastro, to the representatives of the Riviera Airport, from the Prefect Enrico Gullotti to the commissioner Alessandra Simone to the mayors of the cities who organized this four days with their noses up: the mayor of Alassio, Marco Melgrati, the mayor of Laigueglia, Roberto Sasso Del Verme, the mayor of Santo Stefano al Mare, Marcello Pallini, and the mayor of Riva Ligure, Giorgio Giuffra.

At the head of the pier to coordinate the entire program was General Cesare Patrono, director of the event with the President of the Aeroclub of Savona and of the Ligurian Riviera Alessandro Betti.

As tradition dictates, at the end of the event it was possible to witness the exchange of gifts between the host administrations and the PAN. The four municipalities decided to coordinate by identifying an object that had a meaning linked to the nature of the event: a memory but above all a useful and innovative tool. Hence the choice of a table weather station, created ad hoc by Incantesimo Design, the studio that creates selected furnishing accessories characterized by their artistic nature projected towards constant innovation.

The patrol tomorrow, Sunday 2 October, will finally be engaged in the skies of Santo Stefano al Mare and Riva Ligure for another afternoon to live with bated breath for wonder.

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