increases of more than 100% in restaurants, bars and shops. Tips to save –

Restaurants, bars, shops. Commercial activities are also affected by the high bills and suffer a triple-digit increase. According to the estimates of Confcommercio Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza, the increases in energy costs for this type of company are well over 100%. Thus, for example, non-food shops recorded a surge of 119% while restaurants recorded + 123% and hotels + 161%. In the case of food outlets, the increase even reaches + 181%. A difficult situation to manage, which has led some traders to denounce gestures, such as displaying the bill in the window or adding an item relating to the cost of energy to the account. In this context, what can be done to contain the price increases?

How to save

The first step is to analyze your bills and check the offers proposed by other energy managers on the market. Changing supplier can allow savings which – according to estimates made by Switcho, an app that helps optimize costs – amount to around 7,500 euros, with peaks of over 30,000 euros. It is true that the change of manager is sometimes cumbersome on a bureaucratic level. However, today many practices can be done online and this simplifies the process. Alternatively the transition to low-consumption appliances and appliances can be considered. Another trick is the use of consumption monitoring systems. These appliances, which can be easily installed, allow you to understand where the greatest consumption comes from and, therefore, on which fronts to act.

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