Indexation of pensions in 2022. Minister Marlena Maląg said what the minimum increase will be

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The indexation index is determined taking into account the inflation of products and services and 20%. an increase in the average salary. In the draft budget for 2022, the government assumed that benefits would be increased by 4.89-5.85 percent. In such a case, pensioners could count on a monthly benefit higher by 55 to 230 zlotys. Under this assumption, the minimum pension should amount to PLN 1,312.

Indexation of pensions in 2022. Maląg said how much the benefits will increase

However, the indexation will be higher than assumed in the budget. Rising inflation may mean that retirees will get the highest pension increases in 13 years. In December, inflation was 8.6 percent. – the Central Statistical Office reported in the so-called quick respect.

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Therefore, Dr. Antoni Kolek in estimated that pensions will increase by 6.55-6.7 percent. However, the government confirmed that the indexation index will be higher.

For 6 years we have been making sure that the valorization of pensions is worthy. This year we are planning a percentage indexation. We estimate that it will certainly be at least 7 percent.

– said Marlena Maląg in the Tuesday program of WP Newsroom. However, this ratio may increase even further. The indexation is carried out in March based on the estimates available in February.

Percentage indexation

PiS promised to introduce a percentage-quota indexation. And so, in 2019, the pension was increased by a minimum of PLN 70. In the following years, this amount dropped to PLN 50 and in practice it did not apply at all, because the percentage increases were higher than this threshold. As Maląg informed, this year the quota indexation was completely abandoned and only a percentage increase in pensions was selected.


The government claims that all problems with the Polish Government are temporary, they will be fixed, and those who earn up to PLN 12.8 thousand will benefit or not lose. PLN gross monthly. However, many Poles still do not know what their wages will be for January. How can you calculate your salary? What do you need to pay attention to? How to protect yourself against the possibility of lower earnings? Send your questions to: [email protected] We will ask them on your behalf in the Q&A program this Thursday, January 13 at 12:00. Our guest will be Małgorzata Samborska, tax advisor and partner at Grant Thornton

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