Indivisible Available From Today, With Launch Trailer


Indivisible is available from today, as evidenced by the classic launch trailer that you find at the head of the news. For those not familiar, this is an action role-playing game developed by Lab Zero Games, the same as Skullgirls, and characterized by hand-drawn animations and very varied gameplay.

The versions currently available for purchase are PC (Steam, GOG, Mac, Linux), PS4 and Xbox One for € 39.99. Note that this is the digital edition of the game. That physical one will be released only on PS4 and Xbox One on October 11th, 2019. The Nintendo Switch version will be released later.

The story of Indivisible revolves around the character of Ajna, an intrepid girl with a rebellious character. Raised by her father in the suburbs of a rural town, her life falls into chaos when her home is attacked and mysterious power is awakened within her. In his mission, Ajna will meet more than 20 characters he can absorb into himself and summon them in combat to fight alongside him. The game is full of evocative characters, each with its own story and personality. By uniting with comrades from distant lands, Ajna will learn to know herself and her world and thus discover how to save it.

“This is a very special moment for our team,” said Francesca Esquenazi, CEO of Lab Zero Games. “We have been working with a great passion for this project and we are extremely grateful to the thousands of fans that allowed us to make it happen. Our greatest desire is for players to have fun playing Indivisible in the same way that we enjoyed creating it. “

“We were impressed by Lab Zero’s extraordinary commitment to delivering this fascinating gaming experience,” said Neil Ralley, President of 505 Games. “The launch of Indivisible is another important moment of this great 2019 of 505 Games. We don’t see the

This video game is enriched by the voices of a respectable team of voice actors including: Tania Gunadi (DC Superhero Girls) voice of Ajna, Stephanie Sheh (Your Name, Kill La Kill) voice of Ramzi, Cassandra Morris (Your Name., Persona 5) Voice of Ginseng and Ben Diskin (Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Spider-Man) voice of Dhar.

Indivisible also includes the opening video and cutscenes of Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia) and the award-winning animation company Titmouse (Apex Legends, Rick and Morty).

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