Inflation + 3.5% in October, soars to + 11.9% year on year, a record since 1984

According to preliminary estimates, in October the national consumer price index for the whole community (Nic), gross of tobacco, recorded an increase in 3.5% on a monthly basis and11.9% on an annual basis (from + 8.9% the previous month).

Istat announces this, adding that core inflation, net of energy and fresh food, accelerates from + 5% to + 5.3% and that net of energy goods alone from + 5.5% to + 5.8%.

“It is necessary to go back to June 1983when they recorded a trend change in + 13%to find an increase in the prices of the shopping cart, on an annual basis, higher than that of October and March 1984 for a general Nic index trend of + 11.9% », reports Istat.

It should be noted that lacquired inflation for 2022 it is equal to + 8.0% for the general index and + 3.7% for the core component.

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The card of goods

The prices of the so-called therefore continue to rise “shopping cart”. In October, the prices of food goods, for home and personal care go from + 10.9% to + 12.7%, and those of high-frequency purchasing products from + 8.4% to + 8.9%. The prices of Food goods (from + 11.4% to + 13.1%), both processed (from + 11.4% to + 13.4%) and unprocessed (from + 11.0% to + 12.9%).

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