Iniesta tells about depression: ‘The best time of the day was when I was taking sleeping pills’ | Abroad

Former Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta told about his battle with depression, which occurred after the death of his close friend Dani Jarque, in the podcast “The Wild Project”: “It is not easy, you feel empty, then you realize that alone you cannot face such a complicated path. I was able to understand that I need someone to help me get out of that situation but it is essential not to lose hope. When struggling with depression the best time of day was when I took the pills and went to bed. I lost the will to live. I hugged my wife, but it was like hugging a pillow … I keep going in therapy because I still feel the need to find a settlement. I’m glad talking about depression is no longer a taboo, and I believe that hearing professionals talk about mental illness and depression can help. This path has left me the certainty that depression and mental illness can affect anyone. It’s not something that depends on materiality, I could have bought all the cars in the world and everything I want, but sometimes it really is. difficult to face life ”

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