InPost grows after Rafał Brzoska purchases

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InPost grows after Rafał Brzoska purchases
InPost grows after Rafał Brzoska purchases
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The InPost price increases for the third consecutive session after information about the purchase of shares by Rafał Brzoska and other members of the management board.

Monday, December 6, did not start well for Rafał Brzoska’s parcel locker empire. InPost, listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange, was losing another day in a row and set its all-time low of EUR 8.96. Thus, the shares were lower by almost 40 percent. than a month earlier and 44 percent. lower than the price from this year’s debut, which was EUR 16. The euphoria after the first quotations brought the rate even to around 22 euro.

The value of the package is 12.3 percent. shares controlled by Rafał Brzoska through his Maltese investment vehicle A&R Investments fell to EUR 550 million. At its peak, it was worth EUR 1.31 billion and was placed on the lists of the richest people according to Forbes.

The competition is not sleeping

The reasons for the recent sell-offs of shares were the published results for the third quarter and the downwardly reduced forecasts for the development of the e-commerce market. Increasing competition is also important. Only on the domestic Polish market, PKN Orlen announced plans to install 2,000 machines at the stations by 2022. Allegro creates its own “green parcel lockers”. It already has 600 of them, but by the end of next year there will be as many as 3,000. In November, AliExpress commissioned a logistics center in Konstantynów Łódzki and is also building its own parcel lockers. It is also not known whether Amazon will come up with the same idea, although for now it uses intermediation in deliveries, among others. just InPost.

These numbers do not make an impression on InPost, which at the end of the third quarter had a network of 17,968 parcel machines, of which 15,000 were was located in Poland. Competition, however, is not sleeping and InPost must also develop dynamically.

The company has had months of rapid growth behind it through large acquisitions, such as that of the French group Mondial for over EUR 500 million, or new contracts with global online retail giants, such as the one signed with e-Bay for cooperation in the UK and large retail chains such as Tesco.

Shopping board

Nevertheless, the valuation of the parcel machine operator dropped from EUR 8 billion to around EUR 4.5 billion on Monday morning. The situation was reversed by information about the purchases of shares made by members of the management board, headed by the president and founder of the company, Rafał Brzoska. The transaction was made last week through A&R Investments and the purchase of 200,000. share. The other insiders had bought smaller packages from 15,000 to 100,000 a bit earlier, which cost Rafał Brzoska EUR 3.6 million.

The money spent by the management and owners was to make the market sure that everything was on the right track in the development of the company. So far, it has probably been successful, because InPost’s shares have sometimes rebounded by about 15 percent from the transfer of information. They are currently trading around 10.30 euros apiece
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