InPost will set up parcel lockers in Żabka stores

– I will not reveal anything more than that Żabka and InPost have started a pilot, in which InPost parcel lockers of the InDoor type appeared in selected stores of the chain. Both companies will jointly, to increase the convenience of customers, develop the service of sending and collecting parcels in selected Żabka stores, which will increase its availability throughout Poland – Wojciech Kądziołka, InPost spokesman, told

As announced by the spokesman, we will still be able to collect the parcel in Żabka in the traditional way – at the checkout.

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“InDoor parcel lockers began to appear in Poland in autumn 2020. From now on, machines are installed in office buildings, shopping malls and other service and residential facilities. The first parcel locker of this type was installed in the Library of the University of Warsaw” – we read on

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