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Grupo Afeet, owner of the Authentic Feet, Artwalk and Magicfeet brands, and the NGO Orientavida, in partnership with The Walt Disney Company Brazil, launched this month its first product aimed at people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ASD refers to a series of conditions characterized by some degree of impairment in social, sensory, communication and language behavior.

What many people with ASD have in common is sensory dysfunction, including hyposensitivity or hypersensitivity to touch. Each person has their particularity and can be impacted with different intensities and different ways.

With this in mind, the NGO Orientavida, together with the Afeet Group and Disney, developed the Sensory Mickey, a product produced in a completely handmade way, with 34 pieces that present different striking textures, aiming to arouse the attention of this public and provide sensations of differentiated touches.

“The first product created was a doll inspired by Mickey, the most beloved and famous character in the world. It was all produced with different textures and the result was surprising”, said Ana Eliza, executive and marketing director of the NGO Orientavida.

The production process is entirely carried out in the social organization by women in vulnerable situations, who take care of all stages of the process, from fabric cutting, sewing, filling and embroidery, all done manually.

The product will be sold at Authentic Feet and 10% of the amount collected from sales will be donated to the Lucas Amoroso Institute, which works to include people with disabilities in the various living environments in the Guaratinguetá region, in São Paulo.

“The sensory collection is fully involved in social impact, from the very first creation. A work with a cycle of care and continuous love. The Mickey doll was just the first of a beautiful collection that we are working on and dedicating a lot of love and good energies”, completes Ana Eliza.

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