Intel Hawell processors without DirectX 12 support – at fault

Intel has had little luck with the security of its processors for some time. Unfortunately, more problems have been discovered here recently – the topic is about the 4th generation Core, codenamed Haswell.

Intel Haswell processors debuted in 2013 – in addition to the new CPU architecture, the units also introduced a more efficient graphics chip, compatible with the DirectX 12 interface. For security reasons, it was necessary to disable DX12 here.

Intel Haswell, however, without DirectX 12 support

Intel released a statement confirming a potential security vulnerability in 4th Gen Core (Hawell) systems – it could potentially allow for privilege escalation (no additional details are disclosed here, but we suspect that it could lead to computer attack and disclosure as a result. confidential information).

Intel Haswell

To fix the problem, it was necessary to release new drivers for integrated graphics (, which disable DirectX 12 libraries. The problem affects the models:

  • 4th generation Intel Core with Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200
  • 4th generation Intel Core with Intel Iris Graphics 5100
  • 4th generation Intel Core with Intel HD Graphics 5000/4600/4400/4200
  • Intel Celeron and Pentium with Intel HD Graphics

PS. If you use older units and need DirectX 12 support, the manufacturer suggests … installing the previous drivers (version or earlier). So the gap is not so dangerous, or maybe it is not worth paying attention to security?

Source: Intel, HSIMagazine (photo)

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