International salmon companies are looking to Chile

The vote for the SBAP bill will resume at the Joint Commission next Monday, May 29.

New salmon scandal: Companies create artificial conflict over protected areas and jobs

Next Monday, the Joint Commission will vote on the nature legislation project that creates the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Service (SBAP) and the National System of Protected Areas, which has been pending in Congress for more than 10 years and seeks to establish a public service. , is dependent on the Ministry of the Environment, which is in charge of biodiversity conservation.

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“The law for nature is an outstanding debt that the State owes to the conservation and protection of the environment, and that has been delayed over the years due to various constraints. Nevertheless, This last step is not without controversy, in particular, whether or not the inclusion of concessions within protected areas would allow the establishment of economic activities that harm biodiversity, as is the case with salmon farming in the south of the country.“, tells emilia aparicioJournalist of El Mostador.

According to data from Teram Foundation, currently the total is Over 1,400 salmon concessions served, distributed in the areas of Los Lagos, Asen and Magallanes, Of this total, 411 are located within areas that are part of the National System of State Protected Wilderness Areas (SNASPE), which is equivalent to 29% of the total number of centres.,

A fact that has been repeatedly denied amid a strong disinformation campaign by companies in the salmon industry and international companies, is that the law is not retroactive, that is, it does not affect pre-existing concessions, despite the many environmental crimes caused by contamination and the socio-environmental impacts caused by salmon handling centers in protected areasChilean Heritage. It has also been reported from official sources that this law does not affect the sources of work in the salmon industry.

Companies have indicated that a high percentage of their operations centers are located inside protected areas and that the legislation will affect employment. Salmon in Chile have been reported in recent days, alleging that the “project sets limits on salmon farming that could affect 60% of production”, creating alarmism and uncertainty among workers in the sector. That they are centralist definitions and international NGOs.

Economy Minister Nicolas Grau denied that there would be any impact on industry or employment. Since the provision of this new service will not affect the existing concessions of the Salmon Company”, the head of the portfolio indicated to Radio Relonkavi.

“The jobs that currently exist are being maintained, therefore, the visions that exist and that have appeared are probably based on a lack of knowledge about the executive led by the Ministry of the Environment, Environment (…) It is a is a project that will allow, on the one hand, to take care of the environment and at the same time protect the jobs of the workers who participate in this industry. We believe that it is a balanced project”, the minister highlighted in the Southern Patagonia medium .

The Joint Commission is chaired by the Senator Composed of Juan Ignacio Lator (RD) and deputy Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI), Félix González (PEV), Daniel Mello (PS), José Carlos Meza (PR), Jaime Sáez Quiróz (RD) and Senator Matías Walker (IND) . , Sergio Gahona (UDI), Isabel Allende (PS) and Alfonso de Uresti (PS),

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