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The Kardashian family is known almost all over the world. Clan members have enjoyed enormous popularity for many years and are in constant contact with fans. Recently, celebrities have placed unpublished frames from high school and student times on their instagram profiles. The oldest one surprised everyone!

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in photos from years ago

Hundreds of millions of Internet users check Instagram profiles of the most popular sisters in the world every day. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian grew up in the flashlight. Years later, they gained enormous popularity and recognition, and their companies bring huge profits. Few people already remember how celebrities looked at the beginning of their media path. Recently, sisters have appeared in virtual galleries unpublished photos from their teenage years. The oldest of them received the most compliments. According to Internet users, it almost it doesn’t change at all! Admittedly, the passing time is for Kourtney exceptionally gracious. See for yourself!

One of the most influential families in the world

The members of the Kardashian-Jenner family could be met “privately” by the famous reality show “With the Kardashian’s Camera”. Over the years, the production was very popular in many countries, and the heroes gained international fame. People who followed this show for several years could watch family ups and downs, growing up family members or starting businesses that can now be safely called a real empire, bringing millions of profits.

The famous reality show has been played in many homes over the past 14 years. “With a Camera at the Kardashians” saw 20 seasons in which viewers could see the fate of a popular American family. The sisters attracted the most attention: Kim, Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloeand their mother Kris, who in recent years have created thriving brands that have placed them on the lists of the most influential and highest-earning people in the USA. Although it was decided to end the recording of “With the Camera at the Kardashians”, the heroes of the production are still very popular, and their achievements on social media are followed by hundreds of millions of Internet users from around the world.

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