Intesa, Enel and the 600 euro “bonus” paid by the company

Even private companies are starting to implement micro-bonuses and other types of intervention to support both employees and of consumers to combat expensive energy and, more generally, the sharp rise in prices. All the more so since it is now clear that the measures adopted by the government only partially offset the effects of inflation. After all, one of the latest law decrees of the Draghi government, the dl Aiuti bis, has strengthened the tax breaks on corporate welfare.

Corporate welfare up to 600 euros

In fact, article 12 of legislative decree 115/2022 increases the tax-free ceiling for amounts obtained through company bargaining from 258.23 euros to 600 euros for 2022: The value of the goods sold and the services provided do not contribute to forming the income. to employees as well as the sums paid or reimbursed to them by the employers for the payment of domestic users of the integrated water service, electricity and natural gas within the overall limit of € 600. The other great news that, for the first time, the items admitted to tax exemption also include those relating to the payment of electricity, gas and water bills.

Enel bonus

There are also companies that are moving on a different level. Enel on Monday announced that it will grant its users a bonus of 10 cents for each kilowatt hour less consumed during the quarter October-November-December 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. The bonus will be counted in the second bill of 2023 or , in case of withdrawal and / or transfer, in the closing bill. Fall within the facilityAnd supplies at a fixed price in the months in which the average value of the single national price (Pun) will be over 400 euros per megawatt hour. If the contract was stipulated in the last 12 months, the consumption of the next quarter will be compared with the historical ones of the Pod, the identification code of the supply point, in practice with the consumption made with the previous supplier.

Eight billion from Intesa

Also on Monday, the first Italian bank, IntesaSanpaolo, announced an allocation of another 8 billion euros to help families struggling with bills and high cost of living, a decision, underlines the managing director, Carlo Messina, who brings the total aid put into field from the institute to 30 billion. There are three lines of intervention for the 8 billion.
1) Five hundred million for the bank’s customers for at least six months with a maximum ISEE of 40 thousand and with a monthly income of at least 500 euros: they will be able to apply for a loan, up to a maximum of 6 thousand euros, at a highly subsidized rate, without ancillary costs and repayable in installments over 20 years.
2) Five billion will instead be used to support the suspensions and rescheduling of mortgages and loans in cases of need.
3) Two and a half billion will be allocated to the possibility of paying in installments, up to 31 December 2022, purchases and payments, including utilities, at zero interest, for a duration of six months.
The option can be activated directly by the customer (if he has been doing it for at least 6 months and is between 18 and 70 years old) through digital channels. You can pay in installments up to 2,500 euros. For example – reads the bank’s website – from 1 October to 31 December 2022 you can pay the gas bill in installments of 700 euros in 6 months with installments of 117 euros.

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