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The first season of Reverse -The Peripheralthe Prime Video series with Chloe Grace Moretz, ended leading to a final season which comes while the protagonist’s situation was in a sticky situation.

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In the episode we see Flynne take control, having to start dealing with Cherise, Zubov and the Jackpot. After forming an unlikely alliance with Ainsley Lowbeer, Flynne creates another rift in time to protect what is tied to 2032 and get rid of Cherise, at least for now.
The time landscape thus changes forever, but the threat of the Research Institute still exists.

There will therefore be potential conflict between the organization, Klept and the Met, and Flynne.

The character entrusted to T’Nia Miller previously only knew that the company had faced a leak of sensitive data when Aelita West had used a peripheral piloted by Flynne from 2023 to infiltrate her secret laboratory. Among the potential risks were those related to a neuronal implant capable of modifying human behavior which, if it were revealed publicly, could elicit great negative reactions and jeopardize her work. However, Cherise discovers that the data is stored in Flynne’s DNA, taking the form of bacteria in her real body, leading to the doctor not having many options available to her.

In the season finale Tommy Constantine finds himself grappling with Corbell Pickett who remained alive, a situation that will certainly have consequences on the new sheriff who could find an ally in Jasper Baker, Pickett’s own nephew, who kills, almost by mistake, the uncle’s gang members.

Aelita West, now grown up, after having spent time discovering the secrets of the future, gets confirmation that the cybernetic implants that allow you to obtain protection from viruses also block memories that the establishment does not want to be preserved. Klept also wiped out the lives of millions of citizens, including the families of Wilf and Aelita who ended up orphaned on the streets of London, in a bid to halt the pandemic. Lev Zubov is aware of what happened and the sense of guilt could explain why he took care of Wilf who then meets a new group of friends of Aelita, a group that could be the mysterious Neoprims rebel movement.

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Aelita also confirms that the plan is to find the data inside Flynne’s brain who, at the end of the first season, has not yet resolved his complicated sentimental situation which also involves Wilf (Gary Carr), despite the discovery that her feelings for him are genuine, and Tommy (Alex Hernandez), who immediately worries about her after news of the shooting.

In the final minutes Flynne decides to sacrifice herself, thus eliminating Cherise’s motivation to destroy Clanton County and saving her family and friends, also making her believe that Lowbeer is on her side, when in reality he conspired with the protagonist to take down the Research Institute .

In season 2 there should therefore be two timelines in 2023, the original and the one created by Flynne using technology from the Research Institute.

For those wondering if Flynne Fisher is dead or alive, the answer isn’t particularly simple: the version that viewers have been following since the first episode is killed by Conner to avoid Cherise’s attack, but the season ends with the protagonist who wakes up in the London of the future together with Inspector Lowbeer, who asks her if she is ready to start work, thanks to the creation of the new timeline. Flynne possesses all the memories, emotions and characteristics that she has had in the past, even though she is a duplicate. In the season finale, a comparison is made with video games and the new Flynne is like the heroine of a video game who runs out of available lives and then returns to action with another incarnation.

The post-credits scene of the last episode of the first season shows Lev Zubov meeting members of the Klept mafia clan and talking about how he infiltrated the Research Institute. The criminals ask to “cauterize the wound”, implying that he should kill Wilf Netherton, Flynne Fisher, Burton, his allies and Aelita West.

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