Inzaghi: “Onana plays but it’s not definitive. Dybala? Everyone chose Lukaku. Lautaro … “

The eve of the Champions League for the Nerazzurri. Barcelona will arrive tomorrow night at the Meazza and face Inter for the third round of the qualifying round

APPIANO GENTILE – The eve of the Champions League at the Nerazzurri with Inter who tomorrow night will face Barcelona at the Meazza stadium for the third round of the qualifying round for the final phase of the main European competition. Inter who will have to try to raise their heads after the second consecutive slip in the league and try everything against the Catalan team that will come to Milan with the favor of forecasts.

The Inter coach answers the questions of the reporters present in Appiano Gentile, accompanied by Darmian.

Inzaghi’s words: “Accidents? Only tired after the ROma will I have to talk to the doctors”

PERIOD – “yesterday we did intense training for those who did not play, we will analyze the match against Roma and we will go into detail for tomorrow’s match, we come from a difficult moment, on Saturday we had a good match for what we saw on the pitch we would have more deserved, but we must do more “

SPARK – “The season changes with victories and results, tomorrow we have a great opportunity, we meet one of the best teams in Europe, they lost in Monaco, but they have very high quality, we will have to do a race of running and determination”

NEXT RACES – “Lautaro will be evaluated, Correa is fine, we will have 11 matches every three days which I hope to be able to face with the full squad, Brozovic and Lukaku will not be there for a while but we have players to replace them”

STIMULUS – “Barcelona are a strong and complete team, together with City and Bayern, they offer the best European football. We know the importance of the match, the classifications are open, we have a prohibitive group but we will play it with all our strength”

DOORMAN – “Tomorrow Onana will play but I will evaluate game by game”

HOW DO I WORRY – “They have a complete, aggressive team, they catch the ball high, it’s a team that knows how to do everything and, in addition, has put in a great striker”

KEY RACE – “Barcelona favorite? We have already paid with Bayern despite a good game we lost because we weren’t in the game in the key moments, we should have made better use of the opportunities and we know that tomorrow will be a painful match, we will have to limit them and hit at the right time “

EXPECTATIONS – “I think we have to expect more from everyone, Asllani did a good match, we’ll see tomorrow but he’s ready to play tomorrow too”

DYBALA AND EXEMPTION RISK – “I don’t decide, there is a property with which we work and decide, a choice was made between Dybala and Lukaku and it was a shared choice. Coaches always depend on results”

UNERBI – “He has entered well but does not leave behind De Vrij who has played well in recent years, tomorrow he has a great chance of playing from the beginning”

FEAR ABOUT GOAL – “It’s time, if I review the game against Roma in terms of running, physical impact and kilometers, I can’t say anything, on Sunday we had 70,000 fans present at the stadium, certainly the team at the moment is suffering from the lack of points. We can’t leave some holes on Saturday’s second goal since we’ve never done it, but that’s the way it goes right now, we need to work harder and better. “

These are the words of Darmian: “Tomorrow will be an important and difficult match, it will be necessary to put determination and attention on the pitch, they have a quality and very strong team but we are too and we have to prove it. Difficult moment? Tomorrow I expect a difficult match but we are Inter and how every time we go out on the pitch we try to do our best to get the victory, now it’s a difficult moment but we have to take our responsibilities. Find enthusiasm? In this situation there is little to talk about, we have to take our responsibilities and give something more. When you score goals there are mistakes, it can happen, but we have to be good at reacting. Get back up? get out of this situation as soon as possible. We want to put things right, we are inclined to try to do it as soon as possible, we must not let ourselves be carry from the moment of the race and maintain lucidity for 90 minutes. Zero draws? Tomorrow we have a great opportunity, we respect Barcelona have great players, but we will have to be good, the absence of ROmelu must not be a register, as soon as he comes back he will give his contribution but now we must be good at making up for this lack “

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