iPhone 14, Apple could increase the price by 15% (the most expensive would reach 2,149 euros)

Analysts predict that the increase will lead to a higher access price for those who want the smartphone: at least 1,032 euros

The iPhone 14 will arrive only in September but we are already discussing prices. According to analysts, the new range characterized by a larger photographic module and notch divided into two could suffer even heavy increases. In particular, it is Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the leading Apple experts in the world, to take stock of the issue.

In a tweet that we publish below, Kuo does not reveal the final price of the iPhone 14 but foresees a price increase of around 15% compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 13. Thus, in the United States, a 10% increase will bring the Pro model from $ 999 to $ 1,099 while the Pro Max, the most advanced, from $ 1,099 to $ 1,199. With a 15% surcharge, however, the former would reach $ 1,150, the latter $ 1,269 (rounding abundantly).

Higher access price

However, the biggest difference could be seen in the access price of the iPhone. Various rumors exclude that in the 14 range there will be the Mini and so the least expensive of the range will be the standard iPhone 14 that could pass in the US from the current $ 799 to $ 879 or, with higher price increases, to $ 919.

Italian prices

US price increases are not always reflected in the same way in Italy but let’s try to see how prices could change in our country. Here the iPhone 13 starts at 939 euros. An increase of 10% would mean that, to have the Apple phone, at least € 1,032 will have to be spent (10% more) or 1,079 euros (15% more).
Looking at the Pro family, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at 1,189 euros, the Pro Max instead from 1,289. That is to say that, with an increase of 10%, the first would reach 1,309 euros, the second to 1,419. A 15% surcharge, on the other hand, would bring the Pro to 1,369 euros and the Pro Max to 1,482 (or 1,489, rounding up as the marketing does).
And these are starting prices. Because, if we look at the most expensive iPhone 13 in the range, the Pro Max with a terabyte memory, with 10% more it would go from 1,869 euros to 2,055 euroswith the increase of 15% it would rise to 2,149 euros.

Between commercial crises and new components

Apparently, at least according to Kuo and other analysts, the tensions (including trade) between China and Taiwan will not be causing the rise in prices. Among the experts, the major suspect is design change. That notch that disappears from the Pro model to make room for the two holes and the rear photographic module that will emerge even more (with related innovations in terms of optics and sensors) require new and therefore more expensive components.
Others attribute the price increases to general increase in prices throughout the supply chain technological production. Increases that companies then turn to the public. In the case of Apple, however, we will have confirmation shortly: 14 are expected in stores by the end of September. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company has ordered 90 million new iPhones from the partners who assemble them. And a total of about 220 million iPhones for 2022, a number equal to last year, despite the general decline in demand in the smartphone market.

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