Iran, all in the streets for Mahsa Amini The police shoot at the demonstrators –

from Greta Privitera

Hard punch of the authorities on the dangerous date of 40 days of mourning. In Kurdistan, schools closed, the Internet suspended and the city filled with roadblocks

There are all. Women without a veil, women with a veil, men, young people, girls, the elderly. In the videos posted on social media we see the left side of a highway outside Saqqez, a city in Iranian Kurdistan, overflowing with people trying to get around the checkpoints of the security forces to reach the cemetery of Aichiwhere the tomb of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old was killed on September 16 in Tehran by the moral police. We hear the noise of hundreds of horns being blasted at the same time. We recognize women, life and freedom, the words that for forty days have been the background to the protests of the Iranian people against the regime of Raisi and Ayatollah Khamenei. There were ten thousand, says the Iranian news agency Irna. The NGO Hengaw reports that the police fired live bulletsthrew tear gas into the crowd to disperse it and the number of victims and injured is still unknown.

Despite the deaths, the arrested, the prohibitions and the warnings, on the fortieth day after the killing of Amini, people still made an appointment to commemorate the young girl, a symbol of this (new) revolution. The fortieth day, for the Islamic religion, coincides with the end of mourning, the moment in which the soul separates from the body to reach heaven. The authorities knew that October 26 would be a dangerous date and they implemented all the safety regulations they thought would be enough to stem the tide of demonstrators they saw rising on the horizon. They ordered the closure of schools and universities in Kurdistan for a surge of flu, an excuse to thwart student protests, according to human rights organizations. They filled the city of Saqqez with checkpoints and suspended the Internet to limit the possibility of communication between the demonstrators. According to some sources, there was a phone call to the Amini family to intimidate them not to organize any ceremony in the name of Mahsa, threatening the life of his son. They wanted to prevent people from entering the cemetery, but many managed to do so anyway, witnesses told Reuters.

Yesterday, Women, life, freedom were screamed in honor of Amini of the same age also at the Sharif University in Tehran, at that of Qom, in many other universities and schools in the country, the hub of the protests. The protest, which began on September 16 and initially managed and carried out mainly by younger girls – supported by their peers – who asked to remove the obligation of the veil and more freedom for women, quickly spread among other generations. Although it is to be considered the revolution of generation Z – that of those born between 1997 and 2010 – lived in the squares and told on social media, even the workers in the oil sector, the professors’ union, many freelancers and parents joined the struggle. There is a strike, there is dispute throughout the country with one word in common: freedom. The Iranians and the Iranians are calling for an end to the theocratic regime while accusing foreign enemies of leading the protests, they are calling for the abolition of fundamentalism, of the economic and gender inequalities that have afflicted the country for over 40 years. As always, every revolution brings with it slogans and images that remain in the story. Yesterday, a photograph that became part of the history of this protest. It shows a girl standing on the roof of a car towering right above the long human queue on the Saqqez highway. A red cape, sneakers, long, loose hair. She has her right arm raised which more than any word tells us freedom.

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