Irina Sheik has a new style for spring 2021! She chose the shoes of the Polish brand, it’s hard to recognize it!

Irina Sheik is one of the most beautiful models in the world. Its beauty impresses not only men, it is also an inspiration for many women. She was born in Russia as the daughter of a kindergarten teacher and a miner. Her father was a Tatar by birth, and her mother was Russian. The model also has an older sister, Tatiana. From an early age, she showed versatile artistic talent. She played the piano, sang in a choir, but after graduating from primary school she decided to study completely differently, chose marketing. In 2004 she won the “Miss Chelyabinsk” beauty contest. She started her professional career at the age of 19, working as a model in Paris. It was the beginning of her career which moved very quickly. Even she did not expect it. In 2011, she was recognized as the “sexiest woman in the world”. In 2014, she starred in a movie Hercules as Megara. In her personal life, Irina Shayk dated Cristiano Ronaldo for 5 years, but their relationship did not survive the test of time and the model became involved with actor Bradley Cooper, with whom she has a daughter. Unfortunately, the marriage broke up some time ago, and now the couple are trying to come to an agreement on custody of the child.

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Irina Sheik in the collection of the Polish designer for spring 2021

The designs of this extremely talented Polish designer have already been worn by many stars, not only Irina. Magda Butrym is famous for the fact that once you start her collection, you want more and more. Magda Butrym’s projects are liked by, among others Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner, as well as Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Dua Lipa, Naomi Watts, Adriana Lima, January Jones, Jennifer Lopez. What did Irina Shayk choose from the Magda Butrym collection? The model saw shoes in the urban style, beige, from Magda Butrym. Urban Jungle Boots are available in the online store, but you have to admit that they are quite expensive. They cost about 4,500,000. zlotys. Irina showed how fashionable and stylish she is this season. She put on wide-leg pants, of course New York jeans, with a cream-colored sweater from the Mango chain store for PLN 79.90. And on top she put on fashionable fur, in the same shade. How do you like Irina Shark’s spring look? It looks completely different than in evening gowns, it’s hard to recognize!

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Irina Sheik 2021 in the clothes of the Polish brand

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Irina Sheik 2021 in a see-through dress

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Irina Sheik 2021 with her husband

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Irina Sheik 2021 smile 2021

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