Irina Sheik in styling from the Italian brand. Internet users pay attention to a certain fashionable accessory

Handkerchiefs tied with a knot under the neck, the so-called “Babushka scarf”, until recently were considered a relic from the past associated with old Hollywood photos of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. Today, it’s a streetwear accessory that made its comeback in 2019.

And as you know, history likes to come full circle, as it happens in the world of fashion, and this styling accessory has now undergone a slight reincarnation to appear this year at the Donatella Versace show, which this time moved to the virtual world of digital media. Before he appeared on it, he was already visible on the Italian streets. A few days before the event, Russian beauty Irina Shayk was photographed by paparazzi during Milan Fashion Week. The model appreciated the designer’s effort for the upcoming fall / winter 2021 season and included an original addition in the form of this accent in her styling.

A black scarf with a jewelery accessory tied at the back of the head gave the 35-year-old a unique Hollywood flair taken straight from the wardrobe of Captain Jack Sparrow from the cult “Pirates of the Caribbean”. For her look, the Russian chose a black mini-dress from Versace, which perfectly emphasized her slim figure. This model can be purchased for nearly PLN 6,000. For the dress, she chose a khaki coat with golden buttons, also from an Italian fashion house (it is valued at over PLN 15,000). The supermodel has finished hers outfit Black high-heeled chimney shoes with wide uppers and a leather handbag, equipped with a thick chain with the iconic jellyfish logo by Versace. The bag is available for PLN 11,163. The final touch of the styling was black, rectangular sunglasses, which made it even more mysterious. The label on the glasses also has the Versace logo, and the price on it is slightly over PLN 500. Details are also important. The bold, colorful eye makeup hidden beneath them is a cat’s, thick line, inspired by the 1960s.

Irina Shayk created an original and coherent outfit, choosing unconventional accessories. As Donatella Versace herself would say, “Fashion is an art and sometimes it has to go beyond the usual path to fully flourish“.

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