Irina Sheik tells about motherhood

Irina Sheik in an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar told about her skin care routine and what she intends to convey to her daughter about beauty.
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Irina Sheik tells about motherhood and care

Irina Sheik loves being the mother of her four-year-old daughter Leia. In fact, she considers the joy of motherhood to be one of the reasons for her radiant skin. Other reasons? She puts ice on her face every morning and sticks to a consistent skincare routine. One of the beauty secrets of a supermodel is to use natural, vegan cosmetics to nourish the skin.
– Every mother knows how to perform many tasks at the same time, so I always find time for my care. Now that my daughter is older, we play together with the beauty rituals. She loves to participate in my beauty routine – from rinsing the mask off my face to playing with my favorite creams. – the model said.

Irina Sheik also talked about how to talk to your children about beauty, and how to educate the youngest on this topic: “Less means more. Be happy in your own skin and be nice to other people. The secret of Russian beauty is to use an ice cube on your skin during your morning skincare routine. “

As you can read on, according to the model “Beauty comes from within. A happy and kind woman is always beautiful. I don’t usually wear makeup, but I always take care of my skin and use the best cosmetics for it. I’m definitely not a makeup artist. I love having clean skin and usually only wear moisturizer and sunscreen. “
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In an interview, Irina also mentioned what her own mother had taught her. The supermodel from Russia and raised shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union did not have such wide access to cosmetics as her colleagues from the West.
– I grew up in a small village in Russia and there weren’t many cosmetics in the shops at the time. Most of the products came from our garden. There, the masks are made of fresh cucumber, strawberries, flowers and herbs. I learned a lot from my mom about using natural care products. […] The best cosmetics come directly from nature. – said Irina Sheik.

When asked what gives the model the most joy, she replied: “I think happiness is the best makeup for a woman. When I am happy, I feel most beautiful. Another important beauty secret is the use of natural products for self-care. […] They make the skin look beautiful. “

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