Irina Sheik: The best looks

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She won the rankings of the most beautiful women in the world, attracted exceptional men such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper, and at the same time she was serious, she said in interviews: – I’m not perfect. I have days when my skin or hair looks bad. Sometimes I don’t look like a model. I am a real person.

She also joked that instead of flowers from fans, she would rather get tomato seedlings, which she loves, and she would like to exchange messages on Instagram for a conversation at dinner. The 35-year-old model, who has achieved great success in the world of fashion and show business, does not slow down, gives charity, and at the same time realizes in motherhood, raising three-year-old Lea de Seine. – You have to be authentic to children, otherwise you lie to yourself – says. Irina’s style is also in line with her personality. A raw dress with a neckline on the back, an openwork creation made of beads, a cream bodysuit, a tuxedo for the naked body or a flowing golden dress showing a feminine silhouette – on the occasion of the star’s 35th birthday, we remind her of her best stylizations.

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