Is it still worth signing Cristiano Ronaldo? Columnists opine

Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the main issues in European football. Unlike other moments, however, the star accumulates problems at Manchester United and has an uncertain future at the English club.

The 37-year-old Portuguese did not participate in the pre-season, citing ‘personal reasons’, tried to force a departure to play in the Champions League for another team and still does not have a defined future.

According to the local press, CR7 is isolated and even eats at the club away from his teammates. Recently, the Portuguese star spoke out and promised to give an interview to clarify the facts.

Faced with the troubled situation involving one of the greatest football players of all time, the UOL Esporte invited the columnists to debate the moment of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Is the 37-year veteran still worth hiring? Check the answers:

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo’s game fits the vast majority of high-level teams in Europe. The salary doesn’t fit anymore. If Cristiano understands that he needs to lower his salaries a little to have a space he thinks he deserves , he will have this space. If he wants to keep winning [salário alto]to have protagonism, to be him and 10 others, to play whenever he wants, there really are few left who want the Cristiano Ronaldo ‘package’.

“Despite scoring a lot of goals, continuing to be a natural scorer and solving many games, Cristiano today is a weight for any team that hires him. He is a weight from a tactical point of view. He is a player who cannot collaborate so much so with the pressure that almost all the important clubs in Europe put on when the opponent leaves the ball. Because of this, he is a player who tends to leave the team he defends weaker from a tactical point of view. huge problem, a problem that makes his name unfeasible for most clubs.

“Ronaldo can no longer afford to choose where he wants to play. No, it’s not just because of money and old age. The ‘CR7 Package’ includes, depending on the new club, radical changes on and off the pitch: structure, clothing, style of play, among others. Not all managers and coaches want to deal with such pressure from such a revolution. Despite the regrets, Manchester United remains the best place for the Portuguese star.

“Tough situation. He earns a very high salary, not every European club can afford it. At the same time, he attracts a lot of media attention, transforms the dressing room when he arrives. Thinking quickly, I can’t see which club he belongs to.” would fit right now. Whoever hires him has to think about all this. Value, being able to pay the salary and think about what he will bring out in other players. Due to the high salary, the media he brings, the attention he attracts from the crowd, of the press. It really is a complicated package.

Which teams could sign CR7?

With the ball, Cristiano Ronaldo delivers high well. Manchester United’s top scorer last season, with 24 goals, the Portuguese, as the columnists said, leaves something to be desired in terms of tactics and pressure. Even so, there is room for CR7 in more reactive clubs, which score low, according to Rafael Reis.

“Where does he still fit? He still fits in teams that need a savior of the country or in teams that don’t execute high pressure. Atletico Madrid, for example, would be a club with these characteristics of exerting little high pressure, Milan too But overall, the Cristiano Ronaldo package is no longer worth it,” added the columnist.

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