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If you see this number calling you on your phone screen, do not ignore the call. This is not an advertisement or any telemarketer, but an important message. If you do not answer this phone, the police will certainly knock on your door.

Be sure to pick up the call from this number

The number of infections has been increasing recently coronavirus in the fourth wave of the pandemic. Soon we should expect the peak incidence, and now there are nearly 500,000 in quarantine people. Due to this, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate re-launched its special number – +48 22 257 11 45. Through it, the institution transmits quarantine message in case of contact with an infected person or a positive test for coronavirus.

It is worth remembering that this is a new number of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, which replaced the previous one – +48 22 104 37 05. Receiving this connection is especially important as it will spare us the nerves and unpleasantness. Although this method of informing about the imposition of quarantine seems controversial, it is better to answer the call when the screen displays the number +48 22 257 11 45. It will save us not only the nerves, but also the possible unexpected visit by the police, which will certainly not be pleasant for us.

If you ignore this call, the police may knock on the door

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, in addition to a phone call with a message about the quarantine, also launched a special one the Covid-19 helpline at +48 22 250 01 15. It allows callers to obtain data about their quarantine and its duration. In addition, the institution provides detailed information on the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a scheme for dealing with the deterioration of our health, if we contracted the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, it was confirmed 19,936 new coronavirus infections. The Ministry of Health announced that 398 people died last day. There are currently 18,320 patients with Covid-19 in hospitals, and 1,551 patients are connected to ventilators. 490 136 people are currently in quarantine. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 2,913,320 infected people have recovered in our country so far.

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