Is this the worst game released this year? The new GTA has disappointed fans – they are demanding a refund

Many fans of the series waited for GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition with flushed faces. I will not hide – I was one of them myself. Three refreshed classics were released on November 11 and … well, a flop. It turned out that it completely failed.

GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was supposed to be an absolute hit. Many people at the very beginning said that there would be … a flop. Rockstar has alleged that it is not dealing with a new part of the iconic series, but improving something that was good in its original shape. Fans said the revamped trilogy would be messed up. They pointed out that it was a blur of the eyes and the price of PLN 270 for slightly refreshed graphics was definitely too much.

gta the trilogy definitive edition
photo: Rockstar Games

I did not want to agree with that. I mean different – I did not want to fit into this narrative that it would definitely be wrong. I’m a huge fan of the GTA series, and I really hoped The Trilogy – Definitive Edition would be a hit. San Andreas and Vice City are my two favorite parts, to which I often returned with sentiment. Anyway … it was similar with the three. These parts have always had the best vibe for me.

Anyway, it had to be so. The studio got a practically finished product. The games themselves were brilliant – I’m talking about the originals. As many as five beautiful cities – New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Great story, great missions, good weapons, cars, interesting characters. What should have been done? If you’ve been doing such a remaster, really focus on the graphics. For Los Santos to look as impressive as in GTA V. For every city to be so impressive. I don’t mean the layout of streets, buildings, the size of the city – let it be in the old way, but let the graphics fall on your knees.

Either that… or not at all

And the characters. It would be enough to refresh them … again – even in the shape of what was in GTA V. Meanwhile, a total flop came out. Lots of bugs, poor graphics, disgusting “plasticine” character models etc. Rockstar was silent, but soon they too had to react. They admitted their mistake, apologized, offered some freebies. Instead of a new part, we were offered something old, barely refreshed… for the price of a new part.

So is it any wonder fans are asking for a refund? Return requests appear en masse. Some have encountered serious problems in this process. Rockstar, on the other hand, should not really make any problems here and try to close the topic as amicably and quietly as possible. The war with the fans after such a disastrous premiere of The Trilogy – Definitive Edition torpedoed by opinions and reviews from all sides is really not what they need now. It’s a pity, it’s a real pity. I was rubbing my hands. I was very happy. One big hatch came out.

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