Isabella, the 29-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman “lives in a spartan cottage with reptiles. She is also a Scientology auditor.”

To Tom Cruise’s daughter like to live in a spartan way and among reptiles. In the past few hours, the British tabloids have gone into solace over the statements of the London neighbors of the 29 year old Isabelladaughter of dad Tom and mom Nicole Kidman. Yes, because the usual nosy neighbors told the gossipers across the Channel that Belle vHe lives in a normal single-storey house with three bedrooms and a small garden opposite in South London. The cottage is located a few hundred meters from that of the parents of Belle’s husband, Max Parker. According to the astonished and indiscreet gaze of the neighborhood Belle would also live with the cub of a reptile.

Detail deduced from the fact that a neighbor spoke of one “Case with red light” which can be glimpsed from one of the rooms on the ground floor. Isabella was adopted by Cruise and Kidman in 1992. The couple separated in 2001 when Bella was 8 years old. Traumatic experience that brought her closer to the Church of Scientology, her sect adored by her devoted father Tom. Beautiful who is artistic design by profession, over time she has also become Scientology auditor, or a spiritual guide for the new followers in this case from London. Relationships with dad Tom are discreet while those with mum Nicole have never been an example of mother-daughter integration.

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