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Mondadori Point Ischia presented the book week from 29 August to 2 September. The evenings were structured in two sections: “the reviews corner”, curated by willing and talented girls and “a chat with the author”. Mondadori Point of Ischia has described itself as an open book with blank pages waiting to be filled, especially by young people and by all those who feel like it. The Mondadori Point Ischia bookshop must be considered a point of reference, a meeting place, an active place and above all, it must be able to be free.

Great pride in having been able to host the writer and journalist Maurizio Ponticello for the presentation of his masterpiece: The true story of Martia Basile, published by Mondadori. Story censored for many years, not lost in the oblivion of history thanks to the hands of Maurizio Ponticello, starring one of the symbols of the female condition at the turn of the Neapolitan ‘500 and’ 600 but at the same time of a shocking topicality.

Exciting were the interventions of the island authors such as that of the very young author Giulia Trani with her book: Fonsinè and the author Angelo Conte with his books: Principe di Cavascura, Socks of dust, The child with a mustache and Louise, authors who they brought back to the ancient island traditions and invited us to look at life with the eyes of optimism. In the last meeting the author and criminologist Alessio Romeo was present with his book: In the shadow, set in Ischia which made us reflect on the hottest problems of our society but which above all, with his intervention, managed to tear us away a few tears.

Training novels, novels of great teaching for young people, novels that have paved the way for a program of events, workshops and projects with the school that will accompany us in the following months at the Mondadori point in Ischia.



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