ISSSTE 2022 loans: how to participate in the draw and get up to 50 thousand pesos

The first draw for personal loans will be on April 4.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro).
The first draw for personal loans will be on April 4. (Photo: Cuartoscuro).

The Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) approved the Annual Personal Loan Program 2022 during an ordinary session, which consists of granting 586 thousand 230 credits for 35 thousand 340 million pesos through raffles with the aim of sharing them equally and transparently.

The first draw of personal loans will be April 4 and registration is from March 25 to April 3; 60,000 credits will be awarded in this and it will be open to beneficiaries. The results They will be announced on April 5, the body said in a press release.

The calendar is made up of 14 draws, being the last registration period from September 1 to 15, which will be held on September 19 and the results will be published the next day. The dates will be available on the institute’s page as well as on the organization’s official social networks.

The requirements to apply are: have a minimum of six months seniority in the ISSSTE social security system; not have a current personal loan or have a debt with the Institute for this concept and lastly, have a debt capacity that does not exceed 50 percent of the worker’s basic salary or 50 percent of the value of the pension .

It is one of the most demanded and useful loans.  (Photo: ISSSTE).
It is one of the most demanded and useful loans. (Photo: ISSSTE).

The normative director of Economic, Social and Cultural Benefits, Yezmin Lehmann Mendoza reported that this year 8,266 more loans will be granted than last year. will be made three exclusive giveaways for workers in the education and health sectors, as well as for adults over 65 years of age.

The first special draw will apply for the education sector registered until May 13, being the 16 the date of the draw and the publication of results on May 17. The second will be for older adults registered until August 25, the draw will be held the next day and the results will be published on the 29th. Lastly, the Health sector who has registered until October 14, the draw will be held on the 17th and the winners will be announced on the 18th.

Through Twitter, the ISSSTE communicated that the days chosen for the special draws are with the objective of commemorate the Day of the Teacher, the Day of the Elderly Adult and the Day of the Health Worker.

The record of participation for the draws is in the following link: If the beneficiary is benefited, he will receive an email from winner confirmation and will include the steps to follow to access the loan.

In order to enter the ISSSTE portal and request the personal benefit, it is necessary to log in or register using the Unique Population Registry Code, then select the option Benefits that appears in the upper menu and finally choose the box of Personal loans. The type of loan that can be obtained is ordinary, special, commemorative or pensioned.

Ordinary loans allow you to acquire up to a maximum of 50 thousand pesos with an interest of 6 percent; specials can be up to 166 thousand pesos and depend on the seniority of the taxpayer; commemoratives are credits with amounts of 42 thousand to 212 thousand pesos with an interest of 14 percent and finally the exclusive loans for pensioners can cover a total amount of up to 40 thousand pesos with an interest of 6 percent.

It is required to register an email address, and a telephone number as it is necessary for the Institute to contact the winner. Similarly, it is important to emphasize that all procedures are Free and personal.

Two draws will be held per month.  (Photo: Twitter/@@sntsa_37).
Two draws will be held per month. (Photo: Twitter/@@sntsa_37).


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