It always sparkles in these duels! The derby turned red hot

“The most important derby in Poland” for Anwil Włocławek. In one of the most electrifying matches of the Energa Basket League, the “Rottweilers” defeated Twarde Pierniki by 92:84 in Toruń.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

player of Twardy Pierników Toruń, Maurice Watson (left) and Sebastian Kowalczyk (right) from Anwil Włocławek

PAP / Tytus Żmijewski / In the photo: a player of Twardy Pierników Toruń, Maurice Watson (left) and Sebastian Kowalczyk (right) from Anwil Włocławek

The basketball players of Twardy Gingerbread and Anwil provided a fantastic spectacle. The hosts started off hard, then the rivals managed to turn the game over with a tough defense.

19 advantage points in such clashes turns out to be no advantage. “Rottweilers” showed great character, and one of the key figures was Szymon Szewczyk, the author of 20 points.

Ivica Skelin’s players fought to the end, but they were not effective at the finish. There was also no good game by Maurice Watson (4/18 of the game), for whom it could have been a farewell performance in the colors of Hard Gingerbread.

The hosts started with hurricane attacks – after a series of “threes” Jahenns Manigat they were leading by 30:11. Anwil broke the distance on the seventh try, but when he added a more solid defense to it, he quickly began to compensate for the losses.

He achieved his goal after changing sides and hitting Luke Petrask from behind the bow (42:41). Toruń did not manage to break through the defense of the opponent, who drove away, leading 59:51. Then, Twarde Pierniki got their reaction and by a series of eight points they led to a draw at the start of the fourth quarter.

And from that moment on, the blows were exchanged, and the aforementioned Szewczyk emerged in search of the hero. In total, he scored 12 points (including a series of 10 “points” in a row). He hit two important “three” and Twarde Pierniki started to lose the distance.

At the finish, all of them were taken care of by Kamil Łączyński with his long-distance throw and assists, and it was a fact that Anwil would not let the Derby win. Now both teams have an identical balance sheet in the Energa Basket Liga table.

The guests finally hit 12 times from behind the 6.75 line, which turned out to be crucial. Łączyński had 4/5 at a distance, to which he added six more assists, five rebounds and three steals. His vis’a’vis Watson this time found no way to rival.

Twarde Pierniki Toruń – Anwil Włocławek 84:92 (24:11, 17:26, 10:22, 33:33)

Hard Gingerbreads: James Eads 20, Jahenns Manigat 17, Trevor Thompson 13, Maurice Watson 12, Bartosz Diduszko 10, Michał Samsonowicz 6, Aaron Cel 6, Szymon Janczak 0, Michał Kołodziej 0.

Anwil: Szymon Szewczyk 20, Luke Petrasek 19, Kamil Łączyński 16, James Bell 16, Jonah Mathews 12, Sebastian Kowalczyk 4, Maciej Bojanowski 3, Kavel Bigby-Williams 2, Alex Olesinski 0.

Energa Basket Liga 2021/2022

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