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Car, while we are driving it can happen to notice a strange smell that bothers us. In these cases, you have to be very careful.

With the warm season it is inevitable to resort to any tool supplied to ours Car to have some refreshment. However, by activating one of these devices, some situations may occur that can cause problems while we are driving our car.

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In particular, if we activate the air recirculation systemwe may smell an unpleasant smell, even if we have the windows closed to maintain the set temperature with the air conditioner.

Well, in this case, the problem is not with our vehicle, but, more often than not, with what is in front of us, which emits a quantity of CO2 higher than normal. And this would pose a risk to our health, as, as is well known, the emissions produced by the thermal engines of cars are harmful to humans and the environment.

Car, what to do if you smell fuel

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Basically, thesmell that is felt in these cases is that of fuel, which, for a variety of reasons, may be stronger than normal. This, for example, happens to traditional diesel engines in the ignition phase, although with new technologies that reduce emissions, the smell is much less strong than in the past. But in conditions of traffic intense, “contaminated” air escapes from the passenger compartment vents, which therefore disturbs the driver and passengers.

In cases like these, you have to be very careful, because prolonged exposure to a high dose of CO2 leads to disturbances in concentration or even drowsiness and fatigue which, in the long run, would cause you to lose consciousness with potentially dramatic consequences. To stem the problem, it is therefore advisable to keep the safety distance from the vehicle in front of us, to open the windows and activate the internal air recycle mode.

If the unpleasant odor does not go away, then, at this point, the problem could be in your car, which could then have fuel pump failure or damaged components in the fuel system. Therefore, it is necessary to take the vehicle to a garage to identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

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