It is already known what future Khloe Kardashian wants for her daughter! Kendall should be scared?

Accustomed to living in luxury and the world of show business, the Kardashian sisters from an early age prepare their daughters to follow in their footsteps and take over their passions. Celebrities introduce girls to luxury brands and social media, and make sure that young children have “their own” lines of cosmetics or clothes. Khloe Kardashian already knows what her daughter might be doing in the future.

Starting a family was one of the greatest dreams of my life Khloe Kardashian. So when True appeared in the world, the celebrity poured all her feelings on her – especially when it turned out that Tristan Thompson he is not her faithful partner. The celebrity invariably devotes most of her time to her daughter and she is glad that the girl is old enough for both of them to enjoy common entertainment.

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Khloe Kardashian so she takes True for shopping and training, and plays with her cosmetics. No wonder that today the little one with her interests follows her mother’s footsteps – in the broadly understood show business.


Who will True be in the future?

And it looks like that Khloe Kardashian she has already discovered who her daughter will be able to become in the future. In new photos on Instagram, the 3-year-old poses like a professional model, and her proud mother writes:

Check it out @kendalljenner! Get ready to donate the crown 👑

Really Kendall Jenner could she feel threatened?

Admittedly, the modeling career she chose Kendall Jenneris a perfect model for her younger relatives. Thanks to his work in modeling, Kenny managed to tear off the label of a celebrity known for being known. Instead of this Kendall Jenner accepts new orders, travels professionally around the world and has contact with the most important names in the world of fashion. He is also regularly included in the rankings of the world’s best earning models.

You think that True Thompson will someday follow in her footsteps?

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