It Is the Envy of All! Dua Lipa Delights With an Amazing Seasonal Outfit

Dua Lipa

The celebrity is the image of a recognized fashion line.

Dua Lipa is one of the artists of the moment and this has made her win the affection of the public and the most important clothing brands in the market, especially Pepe Jeans, from whom she has just become her image.

This renowned fashion firm dressed the British artist with what promises to be her spearhead for the spring season, which is only weeks away.

The Grammy-winning celebrity in 2019, in the “Best New Artist” category, posted a video on her social networks where she can be seen wearing the new collection.

The hit singer “Be the one” virtualized the hashtag #DuaForPepe, with which her fans supported her for this new step in her career.

It should be remembered that Dua Lipa is also a fashion designer, so surely her ideas will reach the Pepe Jeans market, very soon.

The outfit with which the Anwar Hadid couple can be seen is evidently made up of jeans, and comfortable blouses for the coming spring season.

In this 2020, the famous composer will embark on a new tour, “Future Nostalgia Tour”, with which fans can enjoy their live music.



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