It would be a real earthquake. Doleżal about Stoch: I imagine it

On Monday, the Polish Ski Association informed about the withdrawal of Kamil Stoch from the Four Hills Tournament. The decision came after the disastrous qualifying for the competition in Innsbruck, in which Stoch only finished 59th.

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Already in Monday’s training sessions, Stoch was doing poorly. First he jumped 107.5 meters (47th place), then he was 112.5 meters (19th place). He jumped disastrously in qualifying. Despite a very favorable wind, it only landed at 114 meters. It was only for the second time in his career that Stoch was eliminated in the qualification for the 4-Hills-Tournament. The previous time it happened to him in 2009 at a competition in Obersdorf.

Dawid Kubacki after the jump in BischofshofenKubacki could not stand it and blurted out: I felt embarrassed. And this gesture right after the jump

Stoch was devastated after qualifying in Innsbruck. – You know my character, I never give up. However, the situation is extremely difficult. Tears are coming to my eyes, he said.

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“The training staff decided to withdraw Kamil Stoch from TCS and the next World Cup competition. Tomorrow Kamil will return to Poland. Rest and motor training will be important until the end of the week. Training on the hill is next” – we read in the official PZN announcement.

Stoch will not start in Zakopane?

It is certain that Stoch will not take part in the competition, which will also be held in Bischofshofen at the weekend. As it turns out, it is also not certain that our champion will take part in the competition that will be held in Zakopane in a week’s time.

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– I can imagine a situation in which Kamil Stoch will not start in Zakopane. We are in contact every day, we have planned trainings, but we will not rush him – said Michal Doleżal, the coach of the Polish ski jumpers, in an interview with Eurosport.

After the weekend in Zakopane the jumpers will move to Germany, where they will first jump in Titisee-Neustadt (January 22 and 23) and then in Willingen (January 28-30). Later in the World Cup, there will be a hiatus due to the Olympics.

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