Italian Eurofighters intercept 4 Russian fighters that had violated NATO airspace (between Sweden and Poland)

New immediate take-off for the Italian Eurofighter engaged in Air Policing activities in Poland to intercept four Russian fighters that had violated Polish and Swedish airspace before being forced to re-enter the airspace of Kaliningrad. This is a new episode of the war in the skies between Born And Russiawith the tension that remains very high since Moscow has raised the specter of a nuclear and even world war if the West were to help Ukraine again, especially after the farce-annexation of the four regions by referendum.

In a note, the Italian Air Force explained that Russian fighters took off from Kaliningrad before violating Polish airspace. The planes of Putin they then crossed the Baltic Sea to Sweden before being “forced” to return to base.

Poland has long been a member of the alliance while Sweden only this year signed the protocols to join, in response to Putin’s war in Ukraine. Kaliningrad is a heavily militarized piece of territory cut off from the main Russian state and surrounded by Poland and Lithuania. And it is often at the center of tensions between Putin and NATO, with Moscow earlier this year threatening to deploy nuclear weapons in the enclave.

The episodes of the last few weeks

Already in recent days the Born had issued a warning for a Russian plane on the border with Poland. A presence that had not been communicated and therefore, as per procedure, the Alliance sent two aircraft to ascertain the destination and what was happening. High-altitude skirmishes, a warning of the voltage level present in the area. The Italian fighters are in fact deployed in the base of Malborkin northern Poland, not far from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. And again, in recent weeks, other Italian Eurofighters had also intervened in Poland for similar cases in the NATO Air policing mission, intercepting three Russian aircraft flying close to the north-east flank of the Atlantic Alliance. In short, certainly not a novelty in times of war. But another sign of how high the threshold of attention is worldwide.


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